The beauty of nature
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Welcome  to the photography of Ernest J. Schweit .  I am a fine art photographer  passionate about creating beautiful  images  that will take your breath away. I love exploring the natural world and using my camera to communicate what I see. My favorite spots  are the forests of the midwest, the deserts of Arizona, and the California coast. I love to get up before dawn, load  my camera gear in  my backpack and make beauiful images in the early morning light. I nap during mid day, so I can save my energy to catch the "golden hour" of late afternoon and the sunset just before evening. When my gear is packed away, I love talking to people about my work, art or life in general. That's probably why you will find me showing my work at art fairs during the  spring and summer months, and in galleries the rest of the year.
In between all that, you'll find me shooting.
I hope you take a few minutes to check out my work. Feel free to leave comments or to ask questions in the comments section on the About page, which you can reach by clicking the button on the bottom of this page.
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I love exploring the natural world, from racing rapids in the woods of Maryland, to the forests of the midwest or the rugged coast of northern California.


The natural beauty of Arizona is beyond words. The Saguaros of Tucson, or the mountain lakes of Prescott; there's beauty everywhere.


The shapes, textures and colors are a constant source of inspiration. I love showing nature's work up close in a way not usually seen.

Picture Story
Go behind the curtain for a glimpse of the first version of "7.58," a portrait of a saguaro cactus in the Arizona desert, and the final one that's available on my website.